Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs And Styles

Similar to the variety of clothes and furniture, there are various kitchen designs and styles. Since building a new kitchen is costly and it cannot be restyled frequently, kitchen designs and styles must be well thought out. In addition to the simply aesthetic kitchen designs for your home, there are also economic as well as energy efficient factors to consider. Making sure you have a well planned out kitchen is the back bone of any home. You spend a lot of time in the kitchen; make sure you have the best possible kitchen designs available!

You must be aware of the various kitchen designs and at least know if you prefer a classic or a modern look. Once the style is settled, it aids you in narrowing down on the available options that are aplenty. In case you pick up more specific kitchen designs such as Asian or French colonial, it is that much easier to narrow down your choices. Mixing and matching different styles is termed as eclectic and a look created by blending the traditional and contemporary is called the transitional. Knowing what is actually available is the first step in ensuring you have the perfect kitchen designs to suit your taste.

Here are some of the various kitchen designs you can explore for a fully functional and appealing kitchen for your home:

Asian kitchen designs are modern and yet natural. So, glossy tiles and stark color schemes must be replaced with a softer color palette. Deep earthy tones coupled with glass and metal accents help bridge that gap between modern and natural. A sleek granite top island with a glass bar and stainless steel appliances make a very modern and functional statement. Add stainless steel cabinet pulls and glass pendant lighting fixtures for a nice soft lighting. If you plan to use dark wood in your Asian kitchen designs, add glass panels on the wood cabinets to avoid them from looking oppressive or too severe.

Traditional kitchen designs have a more formal and elegant look, much like the 18th to 20th century European homes. Most traditional kitchen designs will display some or all of the following:

1.Ornamentations and trimmings such as fluting, crown and rope molding.

2.Wood cabinets in mahogany, cherry or walnut finish.

3.The raised panel cabinet doors.

4.All or most fixtures and appliances are antique or at least faux antique or replicas.

5.Only natural materials are used in traditional kitchen designs such as wood and stone.

Some popularly used traditional kitchen designs are Victorian and Georgian. While the Victorian styles are dominated by elegance with cathedral arch doors and raised panels; the Georgian kitchen designs are more formal. Dark and heavy woods are used for cabinets that are accentuated by ornate molding and trim with the Victorian designs. Georgian designs on the other hand use woods like cherry, walnut and mahogany for the cabinets with square panel raised doors. Heavy crown molding and stack cabinets that reach the ceiling are prevalent. Black accents are also common for a Georgian Kitchen.

Country kitchen designs are welcoming and cheerful with bright colors, glazed cabinets, floral motifs, woven baskets and decorative molding. Most country kitchens will have many of the following:

1.Patterns that are floral, striped, checked and plaid.

2.Wall treatments and windows in chintz and calico fabrics.

3.Painted and glazed finishing of the cabinets.

4.Metal cabinet or chicken wire inserts.

5.Handmade and homespun look that is just so welcoming!

6.Either antiques or flea market displays for a rustic look

The most popular country looks for your kitchen are the French and the English kitchen designs. The French country designs portray framed cabinets that are either raised or recessed panels. The cabinets are in oak or cherry with a glazed or pickled look for authenticity, pastel painted cabinets are also not uncommon. Decorative shelving with plate racks will make your kitchen a genuine French country kitchen! The English country kitchen designs are more proper with square cabinet designs with curved accents. Pine or oak cabinets allow a light and natural look. For lending an authentic look add intricate crown and rope molding to the decor.